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We love this delicious chocolate ice cream melting cake
A delicious vanilla cake with beautiful edible flowers
A delicious vanilla cake with beautiful edible flowers
Delicious cupcakes with edible pansy
We are excited to announce that you can find our baked bars in Blacksmith Coffee in AD! Check out @blacksmith_coffee to find the location
An overload of Nutella and chocolate
Our delicious brownie giveaways
Psst this beauty has Nutella
We are loving this floral beauty
A rosy closeup
An all time favourite beauty
Beautiful vibrant vanilla cupcakes
Introducing our eid box made of our new Lavender & Pistachio Squares Each box contains 54 mini squares. Please place your order by Monday, 28 August 2017 in order to receive the box by Thursday, 31 August. For more details, you can check our website.
And the eid countdown begins! Order this delicious box of lavender and pistachio bars and enjoy it with your beloved ones
Eid goodness
The queen of darkness became the pink princess
We are BACK! Text or whatsapp us at 050 369 7070 to order our delicious baked goodies
A fabulous Shopkins cake with real toys
R A M A D A N 1: Sundae (Layers of delicious ice cream, brownie, and cream).. Order our delicious Ramadan desserts and enjoy them with your family and friends
R A M A D A N 2: Mini butter bundt cakes with chocolate fudge
R A M A D A N 3: Peanut butter crumble

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