Maison De Rose Bakery

Maison De Rose Bakery

-whatsapp 0505582111 -Jumeira Beach Center, Dubai -Delivery service available -Opening Times: 10AM to 10PM



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D a t e P l a t e - filled with nutty yumminess! Best with Arabic coffee☕️
P i s t a c h i o D e l i g h t - a #classic. Haven’t tried this yet What are you waiting for!
Pistachio mafrooka topped with a creamy pudding and middle-eastern cotton candy ☁️☁️
R a n g e e n a C a k e - a classic from Maison De Rose.
Cake layered with sukkary date blend and covered with toasted flour topping and nuts.
K u n a f a R i c e P u d d i n g - this layered cake has a distinct flavor and texture balance
M a n g o F a l o o d a - definitely one for the weekend!
M a n g o F a l o o d a - topped with mango icecream #يسرسح
C h o c o l a t e T r u f f l e C a k e - for the chocoholics out there! Chocolate cake topped with a decadent chocolate mousse.
C h o c o l a t e F u d g e C a k e - Go for it!
B a k l a w a T a r t - baked pistachio tart, topped with almond frangipane, whipped cream, and phyllo crunch. A drizzle of orange blossom syrup to give it a special touch
S a f f r o n F l a n - simplicity is the ultimate sophistication✨
عوّد نفسك على الفرح حتى يعتاد هو عليك
-غازي القصيبي
S u k k a r y D a t e P l a t e - filled with a special blend of nuts and drizzled with tahini. Beautifully arranged on a gold moon-shaped plate.
S a f f r o n M i l k C a k e - satisfying
Let all that you do be done with love
R a h a s h F u d g e C a k e - a deliciously fudgy chocolate base topped with a rahash pudding. Decorated with beautiful touches of pink and pieces of rahash.
Right place, right time
S u k k a r y D a t e T r a y - Getting ready for #eid ✨
Chocolate-Dipped Cookies - mini shortbread cookies dipped in three flavors; pistachio, rose, chocolate. Elegantly displayed on a gold tray.
Chocolate Discs Tray - New for #Eid ✨check our website for more of what we have to offer
Financier Tray - Beautiful gold tray with three flavors of financier cake bites; pistachio, rose, hazelnut.
M i n i V i c t o r i a - staying at home during eid still has to feel festive✨⭐️
عيدكم مبارك✨
اللهم أعد علينا رمضان ونحن بجانب بعضنا... اللهم اجعلنا من المقبولين.. اللهم عافنا وعافي أسرنا ومجتمعاتنا.. برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين

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