Butterflies on Cupcakes

Butterflies on Cupcakes

A fairytale home bakery based in Dubai, UAE. For orders and inquiries please contact us on +971506776760. Please allow 2 days to prepare your order ✨



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Marie Antoinette themed birthday cupcakes 
Loving our color combination
Cupcakes fit for a fairytale
Pretty pretty butterflies
Beautiful cupcakes for a beautiful day  loving the weather today
Summer is here
If the crown fits, wear it
Starlight Starbright
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Spring cupcakes 
احب الورووووود  شو رايكم فالصورة؟
Do you love
My beauties
احب الوردي والابيض
Have a beautiful Wednesday  باجر الخمييييييييس
Have a beautiful Friday
We love Thursdays
Pretty cupcakes for our little Princess H
فـيك شـي غـــير
We're so happy to be back in business!! To place your orders, please contact us on 0504225777. We love you!!
Thank you khawlabeauty for the lovely support ❤
Aren't they adorable Order yours today

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