Miya's Cookies® ✨

Miya's Cookies® ✨

What Happiness Tastes Like! ❤️ Find us at @Talabat For orders +971 52 7138222 ☎️ Branches : Hili Mall & UAEU ‎ التوصيل إلى معظم الامارات



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Try our best selling cookies today! Free delivery for Al Ain orders ✨ جرب الكوكيز اكثر مبيعاً! توصيل مجاني لطلبات العين!
For you, for someone else , or for the entire family — it's always perfect!  Delivering freshly baked cookies all day everyday! لك أو لشخص آخر أو للعائلة بأكملها - إنها مثالية دائمًا! ❤️
Big chocolate chunk cookies promise chocolate in every single bite.  The flavor and texture of these cookies is unparalleled by any other dessert! Try them today  call us now for free delivery!
Visit our @hilimall branch ❤️ for freshly baked cookies and freshly brewed coffee ☕️
Our Nutella Fudge cookies are made of 90% NUTELLA! They are BEYOND delicious ❤️❤️❤️ order your batch for the weekend now!
Everyone’s favorite  Nutella seasalt cookies! Order your batch for EID now ✨ بدأنا باستقبال طلبات العيد الرجاء حجز طلباتكم قبل يوم الأحد
Our best selling cookie cups and bites! For orders contact us now through WhatsApp!  كوكي كب الأكثر مبيعاً! لطلب و الاستفسار الرجاء التواصل معنا على الواتس اب. ✨
Love at first bite  Order your batch now! ✨ For orders call or WhatsApp 052 7128 222
Order your Nutella seasalt cookies today! For fast delivery contact us through WhatsApp or @talabat
Tag a Cookie and Nutella lover! ❤️ #nutella #cookies #miyascookies #nutellaoverdose #alain #uae
جاهز حالياً لتوصيل! ‏للطلب الرجاء التواصل من خلال ال WhatsApp او طلبات @talabat ✨
National day Nutella bites  For orders contact us through WhatsApp or @talabatuae
Nutella Overdose  Order our special National day Nutella bites through WhatsApp Now!!
❄️WINTER COOKIE❄️ Lotus S’mores are the perfect winter cookies!! Order your now through @talabatuae or WhatsApp
Our Redvelvet Drizzled cookies are the perfect dessert for any occasion!! ❤️ Order yours for this weekend now through WhatsApp or @talabatuae
Melt-in-your-mouth Sugar Cookies✨ these treats are sure to sweeten up your Christmas  ❄️ for orders contact us through WhatsApp or @talabatuae
Have you tried these yet Our classic Nutella filled cookies! Pure dose of happiness ❤️ for orders contact us through WhatsApp or Talabat
Everyone’s favorite cookies! Nutella Seasalt cookies are our personal favorites too! Get them now freshly baked!! ✨
Nutella fudge  Order your cookies for this weekend through @talabat or WhatsApp
Get your freshly baked Nutella Seasalt cookies now through WhatsApp or @talabatuae
Quarantine with our cookies  freshly bakedand delivered straight to your home!! #stayhome #خلك_في_البيت
For orders please contact us through WhatsApp or @talabatuae
Get your cookies freshly baked straight to your home!  for orders call or whatsapp us! #خليك_بالبيت #quarantine #cookies #miyascookies
‏خدمة التوصيل متوفرة للعيد  ‏للطلب الرجاء التواصل على الواتس اب  0527138222

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