La Torta Cakes & Sweets

La Torta Cakes & Sweets

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Enjoy designing your own cookies with this cute kit   ⭐️  
It's gonna be a sparkling kind of day with this cupcake kit ✨
You + an Hour = Happy Hour
Peter Rabbit is getting ready for Easter
It’s a happy day
Happy Easter to all who celebrate
Let your says be filled with sunshine  and happiness
Think HAPPY thoughts
“When JOY is a habit, LOVE is a reflex.”
- Bob Geoff -
“The earth has music for those who listen.”
- Shakespeare -
Go where you feel most alive
“All good things are wild and free.”
- Henry David -
Ramadan Kareem ✨
Kunafa cake comes in 2 flavors 
Vanilla & Pistachio
Saffron milk cake
Happy Quarantined Birthday
Clean hands are safe hands
Which tier is your favourite
The golden gift...just brings happiness
And mooooore chocolate
شو فطوركم اليوم؟
استريحوا فالبيت

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